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International Congresses

1980 Symposium  for Preservation and Restoration of Islamic Architectural Heritage in Lahore, Pakistan
1980 Symposium for Restoration & Preservation of Historic Buildings in Baghdad, Irak
1980 Symposium for Preservation of Historic Cairo, Egypt
1981 The Arabic City: Its characteristics and Cultural Heritage Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia
1981 Symposium for the Role of Islam in the Culture and Human Heritage, Islamabad, Pakistan
1982 Adaptable Re-use of Historic Buildings, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Cambridge U.S.A.
1983 1st International Symposium for Restoration of Historic Buildings, Basel, Switzerland.
1984 Housing in the Islamic City, Ankara, Turkey.
1984 Upgrading of the Urban Environment in the Arab Cities, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
1985 Second International Symposium for Restoration of Historic Areas, Basel, Switzerland.
1985 Preservation of Islamic Architectural Heritage, Istanbul, Turkey.
1985 Restoration and New Building Materials and Techniques, Damascus, Syria.
1987 3rd International Symposium for Preservation of Heritage and Town Planning, London, United Kingdom
1989 Environment and Man made Environment, 23. - 27. May 1989, Toronto, Canada.
1990 International Symposium for Preservation of monuments” International Organization for Preservation of monuments and monumental Regions” - Ninth Symposium, October 1990, Lausanne, Switzerland.
1990  International Seminars:”Contemporary Expressions of Islam in building”- Aga Khan organization“, 14. - 18. October 1990, Djakarta, Indonesia.
1991 The 6th General Symposium “Islamic Methodology in Architectural Design and Urban Planning “, 20. - 24. April 1991, Rabat, Moroccan Kingdom. Accepted paper on" Sabil & Islamic Spirit in Contemporary Design”
1991 Arabic Organization for Education and Culture and Science Arab League” Symposium on Culture as National Heritage”, 7. - 9. May 1991, Amman, Jordanian Kingdom.
Accepted paper on “Arab Architecture as a National Heritage”

Lecturer for training courses on the field of "Urban Planning and Urban Renewal" organized by the Municipality of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman (December 1992 - January 1993)

1993 Participant in the International Conference organized by the American Research Center in Cairo entitled “The Restoration and Conservation of Islamic Monuments in Egypt”, 12. - 15. June 1993, Cairo, Egypt.
1994 Symposium of Organization of Arabic Cities, 3. - 7. April 1994, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Accepted paper on" Heritage in Arabic Cities and Challenges of the Urban Expansion"

Participant in NARA Conference on Authenticity in relation to the World Heritage Convention,
1. - 6. November 1994, Nara, Japan.

1995 Participant in the International Seminar on “Crafts in Traditional Islamic Architecture” organized by the Ministry of Culture, Arab Republic of Egypt and the Research Center for Islamic History,  Art and Culture, 3. - 9. December 1995, Cairo, Egypt.
Accepted paper on “Mashrabiya & Qamaria as Decorative Elements in Contemporary Egyptian Architecture”
1996 Participant in the ICOMOS 11th General Assembly and International Symposium BULGARIA, Sofia, 5. - 9. October 1996. Accepted paper on "New Technology in the Conservation of Islamic Monuments in Cairo"
1996 Participant in the OICC (Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities) Saudi Arabia, at the end of 1996. Accepted paper on "The Scientific Methodology for Preparing Preservation and Conservation of Historical Buildings Projects in Cairo"
1997 Participant in the Symposium on World Cultural Heritage Hildeshim- Germany, 1. March 1997. Accepted paper on "The Historic City & Challenges of Urban Growth". Accepted paper on "Deterioration of the Islamic Architectural Heritage in Cairo, Causes & Suggestions for Conservation"
1997 Participant in the International Conference, Cultural Heritage in Islands & small states Valleta Malta, 8. - 10. May 1997. Accepted paper on "Conservation of Saray al-Manasterli" , Rauda Island, Cairo, Egypt
1997 Participant in ICOMOS meeting, 16. - 23. November 1997. Accepted paper on "Historic Centers of the Near & Middle East"
1998 Participant in the Symposium on Mosque Architecture, Riyadh, February 1999 Accepted paper on " Restoration of Mosque Farag Ibn Barquq, monument No.203"
1999 Participant in the Symposium on Preserving the Architecture of Historic cities and sacred places, at the World Bank, Washington, U.S.A., 3. - 6. May  1999
1999 Participant in the Italian Government Congress in association with the World Bank, on Legal Frameworks legislation, in Florence, 4. - 9. October 1999
2000 Participant in the Arab Regional Workshop on the Application of the Convention concerning the protection of the World Cultural and National Heritage, Beirut, 6. - 8. March 2000
2000 Participant in the Corinth Workshop on Archaeological Site Management Planning, Getty Conservation Institute, 19 - 22 May 2000, Corinth, Greece.
2000 Participant in the WMA General Assembly and the 3rd International Symposium on World Megalithic Culture, 6. - 10. October 2000
2001 Participant in the International Symposium of the Islamic Architectural of the third Millenium, 17. - 19. March 2001
2001 Participant in the workshop Architectural Imitation Authenticity, History and Reconstruction, 22. - 24. March 2001 at Getty Research Institute U.S.A
2002 Participant in the international Symposium "Cultural Diversity in Historic cities- key to a sustainable future" Kazan, Russia 20. - 24. June 2002.
Paper :"Adaptable reuse of cultural heritage as a policy for sustainable economic development in Egypt"
2002 Participant in the International Congress on Islamic Arts & Crafts, Isfahan, 4. - 9. October, 2002.
Paper:" Reuse of Islamic Architectural Vocabulary in Contemporary Architecture in the Arab World"
2002 Participant in the Symposium on urban development in Arid Regions and Associated Problems. 2. - 4. November 2002. Presenting a paper  "Preservation of Historic Buildings in Earthen Architecture"
2003 Regional Seminar on Training Architects, Aleppo, Syria from 26. April -1. May 2003, main speaker of three lectures:
  1. The Role of International Charters in Restoration of Cultural Heritage
  2. The Concept for Preparation of Technical Studies for restoration projects
  3. Conservation project : Sultan Qa'itbay Drinking Trough for animals as a case study
2003 The International Conference: "The planned city?", 3. - 6. June 2003, Bari, Italy.
Paper: "Orphan Schools ( Kuttab) as a cultural Identity of Muslim Cities; Cairo as Case Study"
2003 Regional symposium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia : Urban Heritage and Conservation Methodology, Tourist Investment & Development , 30. September - 3. October 2003,
Paper: "Rehabilitation and Adaptable Reuse of Khan Al-Efrang for potential tourism"
2003 Regional Symposium on City Walls of Shore of Abi Ruqraq River, Morocco, 18. - 19. October 2003: "Conservation Techniques & Preventives Measures - Case study: Rehabilitation of Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, Larnaca- Cyprus
2003 Regional Seminar on the Conservation of earthen structures in the Arab states, Oman Sultanate 15. - 17. December 2003, " Preservation of Historic building in Earthen Architecture"
2004 The international conference "The Architecture Protection between Theory and Application", Dubai, 4. - 16. March 2004: "Strategies of OICC (Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities) to safeguard the Islamic Urban and Architecture Identity, A study for Sanaa the capital, Yemen Republic"
2004 The Eighth scientific seminar for OICC (Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities), Dubai, 25. - 27. April 2004: "Strategies for Urban Management of the Islamic city" complied with the 10th conference for OICC 
2004 The international conference of the World Heritage Cities of Euro-Asia "Problems and solutions", Kazan, 16. - 21. June 2004: "The South East Asian Influences on Western Arts and Architecture"
2004 Cultural season seminars for the Association of the Arab Archaeologists, Cairo, 24. June 2004: "Modern techniques in Preserving Cultural Heritage"
2005 Meeting of experts for helping the monitoring of the preservation of the outstanding cultural and religious heritage of the city of Jerusalem, 25. - 28. January 2005, UNESCO, Paris.
2005 International Conference organized by the Ministry of Tourism in Oman in co-operation with the World Heritage Organization & UNESCO, focus on "Built Environments for Sustainable Tourism (BEST)", 5. - 8. February 2005, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
2005 International Seminar on the Management of the Shared Mediterranean Heritage, 5 th conference on the Modern Heritage, organized jointly with UNESCO WHC, Alexandria 29. - 31. March 2005.
Paper accepted on :
"Architectural & Urban Heritage of Islamic Cities of OICC located on the Mediterranean, Sidon as a case study during 19
th and 20 th century".
2005 Specialized Regional Seminar on Restoration and Preservation of Urban Heritage, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia , 9. - 13. April 2005, main speaker of three lectures:
   1. Standards of restoration of monuments according to International Charters.
   2. Earthen architecture- characteristics- restoration and conservation.
   3. The Concept for preparation of Technical Studies for restoration projects.
Restoration project: Hala Sultan Tekke as a case study
2005 The annual meeting of CIVVIH - International Committee on Historic Towns and villages, Turkey 21. - 24. May 2005. Presented paper on: "Urban Development of Historic City Cairo During the Circassian Mamluk Dynasty".
2005 Cultural Heritage without Borders organizes a seminar about earthquake protection in traditional masonry buildings in kotor, Montenegro , 18. - 20. September 2005. Presented a paper titled: "Earthquakes in Egypt -  Destruction of Sacral and Profane Buildings in historic Cairo"
2006 Cultural Heritage & Development- International conference, Alexandria- 20. - 22. Jan.2006. Prof. Saleh Lamei presented a paper titled: "Heritage for peace "
2006  1st Conference for Arab Architecture, organized by Ebdaat Magazine in Damascus , 20. - 23. February 2006. Prof. Saleh Lamei presented a lecture titled: "Arab Architecture, Identity and Form "
2006 General Assembly Meeting of CIVVIH was held in Patras , Greece 10. - 12. March 2006. Prof. Saleh Lamei presented a paper titled: "Urban Architecture of Beautiful Époque in Cairo"
2006 Workshop on Restoration and conservation of Heritage organised by Engineering Syndicate, 25. - 27. April 2006, Damascus, Syria. Prof. Saleh Lamei presented a lecture titled: "Restoration of Monuments according to International Charters. Preparation of Technical Studies for restoration projects".
2006 4th Conference of Arab Architects: "Aleppo between Heritage and Modernism Architecture", 14. - 16. November 2006, Aleppo, Syria . Prof. Saleh Lamei presented a lecture titled: Authenticity and Contemporary Arab Architecture.
2006 Attending International conference on Heritage cities, 29. - 30. December 2006, Luxor- Egypt
2006 Invitation from Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, 8. - 14. December 2006 Prof. Saleh Lamei presented a lecture titled: "Authenticity and Contemporary Arab Architecture".
2007 Attending symposium "Philosophy of Islamic Architecture", Aleppo 12. - 15. February 2007 . Prof.Lamei presented a lecture titled : "Development of Historic areas and sustainable urban development"

3rd International Sinan Symposium - Housing in Historic Centers & Rural Areas, Ankara- Turkey.

Presented lecture: “ The Glory of Mamluk Architecture in Cairo”

Damascus, Capital of Arab Culture 2008.

Awqaf Ministry invitation for evaluating restored monuments on Hagg route, June 2007.

Prof.Lamei visited Hagg route and made appropriate remarks to reveal these monuments in the most proper way.
2007 Symposium: “Towards National Strategy for Historic City Management”, Ghadames, Lybia, Scientific Methodology for reorganizing and administrating Historic Cities in the Arab World.
2008 The 2nd meeting of Mediterranean Sub- Committee CIVVIH- Corfu, Greece. Presented lecture: “Rashid, (Rosetta) Past, Present and Future of a living Heritage”.

Lecture on Restoration for Postgraduate Students- Damascus University.

Lectures to the postgraduate students titled:

  1. Conservation of Heritage and International charters.

  2. The scientific method for the preparation of monuments.

  3. Conservation of earthen architecture, case studies: Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

  4. Conservation master plan for cultural Heritage.

2008 1st International Symposium Handicrafts in Architectural Projects: Economic Characteristics, Specificities, and Contributions, Tunis.

Presented lecture: "Traditional Buildings Handicrafts and the Glory of Islamic Architecture in Cairo". 

2008 Investing in Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development; Conference at Bibliotheca Alexandrina.Presented lecture: "Adaptable Reuse of Cultural Heritage, as a policy for sustainable Economic Development.

Lecture at the Egyptian Order of Engineers, Cairo, Egypt.

Presented lecture: "Traditional Handicrafts and the Glorious Islamic Architecture in Cairo".
2009 1st Mediterranean Conference on Earth Architecture, MEDITERRA, Cagliari, Italy. Presented lecture: "Preservation of Historic buildings in Earthen Architecture."

International Frontinus Symposium on the Technology & Cultural History of Ancient Bath, Aachen, Germany. Presented lecture: "Egyptian Bathes & Cultural Tradition in the Medieval Cairo".

2009 International Seminar "Bulkwarded Fortifications as Heritage of Universal Values", 27. - 31. August 2009, Municipality of Almeida, Portugal. Presented lecture: "Fortifications during the Mamluk Era: The Qā'itbāy Citadel in Alexandria".
2009 Hassan Fathy Prize for Architecture, Ceremony at the Biblotheca Alexandrina, 28. October 2009, Alexandria, Egypt. Presented lecture:" Experiences in Earth Architecture, a scientific approach".
2009 Egyptian Engineering Society, 28. December 2009, Cairo, Egypt. Presented lecture: "Garden City Urbanism during Cairo Belle Epoque".
2010 American Research Centre in Egypt,10. March 2010, Cairo, Egypt. Presented lecture: "Rehabilitation of Villa Qāzdughlī (Casdagli), former American Embassy and Residence 1943 - 1947".
2010 CIVVIH Annual Meeting, Scientific Symposium, 7. - 11. April  2010, Valetta, Malta. Presented lecture: "The Historic City, A Reference Model for Urban Sustainable Development Policies".
2010 Egyptian Engineering Society, 12. May 2010, Cairo, Egypt. Presented lecture: "Regeneration of Historic Cairo and Sustainable Development".
2010 Alumni Association - Faculty of Fine Arts Alexandria and Alumni Association - Faculty of Engineering, Alex Event 15 May 2010, Alexandria, Egypt. Presented lecture: "Urbanization of the Beautiful Epoch, Garden-City, Egypt".
2010 1st International Congress for Urban & Architecture Heritage in Islamic Countries, 23. - 29. May 2010, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Presented lecture: "Urban Heritage & The Conservation Master Plan. Challenges and Contradictions between Theory & Practical Policy in the Arab World".
2010 Tarim Center for Architecture and Heritage, 2. June 2010, Damascus, Syria. Presented lecture: "Conservation Master Plan for Preserving the Urban Heritage in the Arab World".
2010 CIVVIH Annual Meeting, Scientific Symposium, 18. - 21. November 2010, Nicosia, Cyprus. Presented lecture: "Urban Heritage and the Conservation Master Plan".
2010 Egyptian Engineering Society, 29. December 2010, Cairo, Egypt. Presented lecture: "Rehabilitation of the Urban Heritage in the Arab World and Sustainable Development".
2011 Training course for CDC Engineers, Centre for Development Consultancy (CDC), 17. - 21. January 2011, Jerusalem.
2011 Damascus University, Lectures to Postgraduate Engineers on Heritage Restoration/Conservation, 11. - 14. June 2011, Damascus, Syria.
2011 Damascus University, Lectures to Postgraduate Architects & Engineers on Heritage Restoration and Conservation, 15. - 18. October 2011, Damascus, Syria.
2011 Prof. Lamei attends the National Built Heritage Forum, 14. - 16. November 2011, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
2011 2nd consulting committee meeting of Prince Sultan Bin Salman Chair for Architectural Heritage, 12. December 2011, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2011 Prof. Lamei visits Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences as a former winner of Kuwait Foundation  Prize, 10. - 15. December 2011, Kuwait, Emirate of Kuwait.
2012 Prof. Lamei invited by Hariri Foundation, Municipality of Saida to attend the Saida Experts Evaluation Meeting,
5. - 6. March 2012, Saida, Lebanon.
2012 CIVVIH Annual Meeting, General Meeting, 3. - 5. September 2012, Naples, Italy.
Presented lecture: "Heritage for Peace".
2012 Prof. Lamei invited by H.R.H. Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz to attend the 2nd Annual Forum for Urban Heritage, 9. - 12. December 2012, Eastern Provice, Saudi Arabia.
Prof. Lamei presented a paper titled: "Heritage and World Heritage Convention".
2013 Prof. Lamei attends the Annual ICOMOS/ICOFORT Meeting at Diyarbakir Fortress, 11. - 14. April 2013, Diyarbakir, Turkey.
2013 Dar Al-Uloom University in Riyadh, Prof. Lamei attends the World Heritage Day 2013 held under the patronage of H.R.H. Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, President of SCTA, 14. - 18. April 2013, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2013 Prof. Lamei attends the 5th International Conference on Hazards and Modern Heritage, 22. - 24. April 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Conference theme: "Modern Heritage between Upgrading and Preservation Risks and Remedies". 
2013 CIVVIH Annual Meeting, 20. - 23. September 2013, Budapest, Hungary.
Presented lecture: "Authenticity ane Integrity in at*-Turaif Area,  Historic Ad-Dir'iyyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia".
2013 Prof. Lamei attends UAA - The Union of Arab Archaeologists XVI Conference, 15. - 18. November 2013, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
2013 Prof. Lamei attends NBHF - The Saudi National Urban Heritage Forum, 8. - 12. December 2013, Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, Saudi Arabia.
2014 Rhein-Nile Rotary, 5. March 2014, Cairo, Egypt.
Presented lecture: "Heritage and Identity Architecture shaping the Nations oif Islam".
2014 CIVVIH Med Sub Committee Meeting, 2. - 3. May 2014, Alanya, Turkey.
Presented lecture: "Alexandria, A Memory of a Belle Epoque".


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