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CIAH Privacy Policy


1. "Personal Data" is any data that identifies you. The Personal Data which you supply to CIAH you agree will be true, complete and accurate in all respects and you agree to notify CIAH immediately of any changes to that. CIAH will deal with your Personal Data in compliance with the current W3C data protection legislation. Please note this applies only to and but not to other companies' or organizations' websites to which CIAH links.
2. Personal Data will be collected, processed and used by CIAH for the purposes of providing the and/or services to you and the other purposes mentioned below. The use of any Personal Data will remain under the control of CIAH at all times.
3. At this time by agreeing to these terms and conditions your Personal Data will not be disclosed to any third party and therefore not used for other than CIAH services.
4. CIAH will only send email and text messages to you about new products and services which CIAH consider may be of interest to you only if you have given CIAH permission to do so by subscription or direct request.
5. CIAH may collect Personal Data about your usage of the services on the and/or website in order to provide services which meet your needs. However the data will only be disclosed on an anonymous and aggregated basis not in a way in which you will be identified.
6. CIAH may hold Personal Data relating to the transactions you enter into with CIAH through and/or CIAH may use Personal Data to let you know services that may be of particular interest to you.
7. If you have any questions about the handling or protection of your Personal Data or your rights under this online agreement please contact CIAH by writing to:


    CIAH Central Secretary  
    Centre for Conservation and Preservation of Islamic Architectural Heritage

    P.O. Box 764
    11511 Cairo


     Mail: or

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