Title Country Images Category More
Mosque of Al-Shafi'i Saudi Arabia Mosque of Al-Shafi'i Study read more
Mosque of Mustafa al-Mi'mar Saudi Arabia Mosque of Mustafa al-Mi'mar Restoration read more
Muhammed Ali Palace Egypt Fountain at night Restoration read more
Murabba' Palace Saudi Arabia
Murabba' Palace
Murabba' Palace
Rehabilitation read more
Omari Mosque in Ghaza Palestinian Territory
Omari Mosque
Omari Mosque
Omari Mosque
Restoration read more
Orphan Islamic School (Dar Al-Aytam) Palestinian Territory
Orphan Islamic School (Dar Al-Aytam)
Orphan Islamic School (Dar Al-Aytam)
Orphan Islamic School (Dar Al-Aytam)
Restoration read more
Principles of Architectural design, different islamic eras Egypt Study read more
Qala' un Complex Egypt Qala' un Complex Restoration read more
Qanibay ar-Rammah mosque Egypt Qanibay ar-Rammah mosque Restoration read more
Qazdughli Palace Egypt
Main entrance hall
Reception Room
Restoration read more
Qa’itbay drinking trough for animals Egypt Qa’itbay drinking trough for animals Restoration read more
Qutaishiya Mosque Lebanon Qutaishiya mosque Restoration read more
Rehabilitation Study of Old Muscat (Mattrah)-Oman Oman Old Muscat Rehabilitation read more
Roman Church - Zuwayla Area Egypt Church interior Restoration read more
Saray al-Gawhara Egypt Saray al-Gawhara  Restoration read more
Saray al-Manastirli Egypt Saray al-Manastirli Restoration read more
Saray al-Musafirkhana Egypt Saray al-Musafirkhana Restoration read more
Saray al-‘Adl Egypt Saray al-‘Adl Restoration read more
Saray Fakhraddin Lebanon Saray Fakhraddin Rehabilitation read more
Saray ‘Abdin Egypt Saray Abdin Restoration read more
Sidi Madian mosque Egypt Sidi Madian mosque Restoration read more
Sitt Hadaq (Miska) mosque Egypt Sitt Hadaq (Miska) mosque Restoration read more
Sultan Qa’itbay Drinking Trough for Animals Egypt
Sultan Qa’itbay Drinking Trough
Sultan Qa’itbay Drinking Trough
Sultan Qa’itbay Drinking Trough
Conservation read more
The Stone Church Moldova Stone Church Evaluation read more
Tipova Monastery Moldova Tipova Monastery Evaluation read more
Ulmas al-Hagib mosque Egypt Ulmas al-Hagib mosque Restoration read more
Umm As-Sultan Sha’aban minaret Egypt
Umm As-Sultan Sha’aban minaret
Umm As-Sultan Sha’aban minaret
Restoration read more
Wakalat Bazar’a Egypt Wakalat Bazar’a Restoration read more
Wakalat Oda Bashi Egypt
First floor plan
Wakala interior- Pascale Coste
Wakala Section
Restoration read more
Wakalat Radwan Egypt Wakalat  Radwan Restoration read more

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