Documentation, Monitoring & Photogrametry Department



Before start of any conservation or preservation works for historical buildings, a complete photographic and architectural documentation for existing conditions must be accomplished.

This department is equipped with:

Photogrammetry System:

Photogrammetry is the technique of obtaining information about physical objects by recording, measuring and interpreting pictures and digital illustrations using non-contact systems. It is an efficient tool for spatial point determination in architectural documentation. All the available information in image and object space may be introduced in a combined adjustment complliant to high precision and reliability.

The photogrammetric recording process enables the application of convenient and flexible imaging systems based on professional photographic technology.


Surveying system:

Monitoring documentation is achieved by using:

Thiodolite Unit

Total Station

Normal measuring tools

Laptop Computers

Cracks Monitoring System:

Structure monitoring system is to be used for multi component analysis of dynamic and static parameters for different types of cracks.
Measuring data can be recorded, collected and transferred over the entire observation period. The system is able to make analysis of dynamic and static structural reactions. In this way a comprehensive information about crack conditions over the observation period can be achieved.

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